EDE also manufactures other types of distillation and extraction equipment and provides a range of related services.

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Fractionation of oils and extracts for oil fraction production or oil quality adjustments.

Examples: Fractionation of Eucalyptus oil and citrus oil to isolate higher value products such as cineol, phellandrene, D-limonene.

Oil Fractionation Equipment
solvent extraction equipment

Solvent Extraction Units

(Soxhlet extraction, CO2 extraction, Cold solvent extraction – cannabinoid extraction)
Solvent extraction equipment over the spectrum of sophistication.
From simplest Soxhlet extractors to advanced isolate production.
Eg. Cannabis extraction – from hot solvent extraction equipment that produces waxy viscous products
Assisted cold solvent extraction for clear non-waxy active oils

Purification Plants

Winterization and purification equipment for crude extracts

Water Purification Plant

Cold Press Equipment

cold press equipment

Chemical Analysis (GC)

We analyse a large variety of essential oils for quality determination

chemical analysis

Distillation Tests

Aromatic Extracts

We provide various flavour extracts for natural flavouring of products.
Example: natural gin flavouring – various fynbos flavour extracts.

Cosmetic Manufacturing Equipment

Soap presses, soap stamps, soap mixers and homogenizers