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EDE design and custom-build distillation units for every customer's unique circumstances, whether it is a single component, mobile unit, modular units, a complete installation or an off-the-shelf unit. We service and maintain all types of distillation equipment as well as providing essential advice and information as required.

We build units with capacities from 5 – 7000 kg and factories for processing up to 500 tons a day, but can accommodate many other requests as well.

The following factors will play a role in determining the best unit for your specific requirements:

• Plant Type (window period)
• Harvest method (No point in a big machine if you can't feed it)
• Portable (service many farms)
• Installation, standard off-the-shelf, cartridge system or mobile pots.
• Distance from material and projected volume.
• Site constraints (Roof height, water, electricity and personal preferences.)

Completed Projects

A selection of Custom-made Distillation Units made by EDE for customers the world over.

Other Distillation & Equipment

We can manufacture a custom-made distillation system for any distilling application you have in mind, like alcohol stills or any other specific requirement you might have.

Contact Us and let us come up with a unique proposal.