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EDE design and custom-build distillation units for every customer's unique circumstances, whether it is a mobile unit, an installation or an off-the-shelf unit, as well as providing essential advice and information as required.

Our company can design single components or supply complete machines and we service and maintain all types of distillation equipment.

The following factors will play a role in determining the best unit for your specific requirements:

• Plant Type (window period)
• Harvest method (No point in a big machine if you can't feed it)
• Portable (service many farms)
• Installation, standard off-the-shelf, cartridge system or mobile pots.
• Distance from material and projected volume.
• Site constraints (Roof height, water, electricity and personal preferences.)

Completed Projects

A selection of Custom-made Distillation Units made by EDE for customers the world over.

Gantry or Lifting Equipment

To make matters easier we design gantries and lifting solutions for you to increase production and effectively process biomass.

Lifting gantries for distilling essential oil plants

Air Coolers

Air coolers require a pump and a storage tank for water. The piping is usually completed on machine so you can plug and play.

Air Cooler for Distillation

Other Distillation & Equipment

We can manufacture a custom-made distillation system for any distilling application you have in mind, like alcohol stills or any other specific requirement you might have.

Contact Us and let us come up with a unique proposal.